Nurse Concierge / Private Duty

Excellence Homecare helps you coordinate your care after a surgical procedure so that you can focus on stress free healing. Whether your needs include transportation, light meal prep, or specialized nursing care, our staff are there to assist so you don’t have to do it alone.

We will provide the right staff for your particular needs. Our concierge services can be customized so that every client’s unique needs are met. We offer these concierge nursing services in the comfort of your home or hotel:

  • Medication Reconciliation and Education
  • Pre and Post-Surgical Education
  • Post Discharge Follow Up Education
  • Wound and Drain Care
  • Hormonal and Fertility Injections
  • Assistance with Activities of Daily Living
  • Monitoring for allergic reactions
  • Making sure you are following your surgeon’s discharge instructions properly
  • Making sure medications are taken as prescribed
  • Helping with ambulation
  • Staying in contact with your doctor for any questions or concerns

After surgery care

Our Concierge nurses will stay with you after your surgery to monitor your optimal recovery.

What We Offer

Patient Advocacy

Our nurses will help you navigate your medical care by attending your appointments with you, seek answers to your questions, and help to interpret confusing medical jargon so that you can have peace of mind.

Care coordination

Our team of nurses will coordinate care with your doctors and specialists, both prior to and after your surgical procedures.


We can transport you to and from your surgical procedure; and to and from any office visit.

After Surgery Care

Our concierge nurses will stay with you after your surgery to ensure your optimal recovery. Choose from our post surgery care package plans or we can customize a perfect package that suits your needs.

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